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Published Author and Poet

Caterpillars change into butterflies all the time, but true miracles are dead butterflies coming back to life.

Resurrecting the Butterfly Graveyard is a collection of forty poems about wrestling with God during a time of confusion, anger, and hurt. It's a story about being vulnerable and expressing frustration with God and His plan. It's a story about losing everything you love and feeling alone and abandoned. However, it's also a story about new life being breathed into dead lungs. The Lord wants to strip away everything that we cling to, the things that have caused our souls to feel cold, dead, and empty, and give us a fresh start and a clean slate. Disappointment and pain are a part of life, but we need to place them on the altar and let God be God. Let Him resurrect broken hearts, burned relationships, and dead dreams.


Social Media Marketer & Digital Arts Coordinator

As a social media manager for The Dream Center, I've run their Instagram and Facebook accounts, creating a strong online presence through daily content, engagement, and advertising. By producing visually appealing and informative content and leveraging social media tools, I've increased our following, reaching new audiences resulting in increased donations and support. It takes a deep understanding of the organization's mission and values, plus a creative and strategic approach to connect and engage with supporters.


Social Media Marketer & Digital Arts Coordinator

As a social media manager for The Dream Center's Resale Stores, I've used Instagram and Facebook to grow the organization's reach. By showcasing unique finds, communicating the mission, and using targeted advertising and community engagement, I've driven sales and built a loyal customer base. Managing social media for the resale stores requires creativity, strategic thinking, and an understanding of how to use social media to build a community around a shared mission.


Social Media Manager

As a social media manager for Elevation Greenville YTh, I use Instagram to connect with students, communicate with parents, celebrate the Church, and share the Gospel. Through engaging content and community-building initiatives, we foster a sense of belonging among our followers. Social media is a powerful tool for spreading the message of Jesus to our community and the world.


Podcast Co-Host

As a podcast host for Stories of Hope, I have the opportunity to share good news and incredible stories of life transformation. Produced by The Dream Center in Easley, South Carolina, our podcast features real-life stories connected to our ministry. The stories we share are so powerful that the redeeming love of Christ is undeniable. Through these stories, we hope to inspire and encourage our listeners to see that there is always hope, no matter what they may be going through. It's an honor to be a part of this project and to help spread the message of hope and redemption to people around the world.

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